Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Selena, La Reina

Snapshot Five: Composing a Poem

She was known as the Queen of Tejana Music.
Listening to “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” you would only lose it.
The mixing bowl, Reggae, Hip-hop, and Ranchero would keep your feet movin’.
Selena Quintanilla Perez, in history, the one and only, who could do it.

The Tejana treasure took on her town, Texas throughout her teen hood.
Performing with her siblings at parties, weddings and dinners, the money was good.
Regardless of her rising success, she had a homely background, for which she firmly stood.
The billions of dollars that she had, but yet, the boasting, she never could.

The perfect, although short, little life, she did have.
With the guitarist of her family band, Chris Perez, her other half.
The two were as close as salt and pepper, knee and calf.
The dreams they had together would be cut short, as they happily laughed.

Selena’s wholesome trust in her loved ones was the cause of her death.
Her short-lived success, we will cherish, and also, regret.
Yolanda Saldivar betrayed her friend, one of the best.
As she shot Selena, the lobby of the Holiday Inn was where Selena took her last breath.

She is now in jail, doing time for her misdeed,
and we hope the Queen may rest in peace.


Unfortunately, I don't have a webcam and the camcorder on my phone doesn't work either, so I decided to just post a tribute music video of my favorite song by Selena, Dreaming of You, which was also the last song she ever recorded before she died.

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