Sunday, December 4, 2011

response for the poem

              the poem that I listen was really nice and also funny and it was about Africa. It was funny because the way  the man was saying made me smile and seems funny to me. The party that he is saying Africaaaa go back see yourself, know yourself, touch yourself  world world is funny to me. the other party that he is saying when you put your hand on your brother made them slave, when you put your hands on your sister made them slave, watch out Africa, the ghost is gonna get you, watch out Africa. The man is showing that he loves his country and hate to see slave people.


  1. I got the same message too when I saw this poem, that he is really embracing his African heritage. I feel like with these poems if we interpret them literally, they will all sound funny or silly!

  2. Sade, that writer's name was Leroi Jones before he changed it, and he's a great reader of poems. A really vibrant man. Glad you enjoyed the poet!