Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introduction and My favorite Quote

Hi! My name is Abdul Tiba and I graduated from Dublin Coffman High School last summer. I'm 18 years old and I am a huge fan of sports. I mainly watch basketball, hockey and especially football. My favorite teams are the Blue Jackets, Bengals and of course the Buckeyes. I'm a very chill and relaxed guy and I love to hang out with friends all the time. My biggest fear are spiders. I freaking hate spiders. I cannot stand them one bit. Whenever I see one at my house I freak out and I have to kill it. The way it looks just disgusts me. Other then that I'm not really afraid of anything else.

My favorite quote from chapter two of the book Ordinary Resurrections is on page 27 "Gentleness and generosity, however, will not help these children much in overcoming many of the problems they will faces as they grow older" I like it because its saying that even with gentleness and generosity there is more to life. It talks about that there is a lot more to life and you need to be aware of that.


  1. I'm so scared of spiders too! Especially those creepy looking house centipedes. There used to be an infestation in my house. GROSS. Speaking of gross don't you get creeped out by all the road kill on sawmill pkwy? I NEED to start using the freeway.

  2. I absolutely hate spiders too they are freaking scary. My dad always tries to save the spiders that get into the house and of course I wont kill the spider myself so I usually end up yelling "kill it! Kill it!" to who is ever in the room. haha