Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my fovarite snapshot it was snapshot two it realy very intersting to me and i always remember . snapshot two

there are a lot of good days that i share my friend deqo however there was one day one particuler day that is realy memorable . deqo we where best friend since third grade we share many thing that made us happy therefore she is the parson i share the most of my secret since we wehre children when before we go to the middle school deqo her family move the the united state and we lost each other. i was young i did not have ability to contact her so i always feel lonely in my whole middle school, i did not find other firends that i can compare with deeqo
after few years i move to untied state and get deeqo . the first day we see it each other deqo was cry nad is realy happy with me also im happy with her i have onather chance to contact my best friend

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