Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Favorite Snapshot: Snapshot III

So far, one of my favorite snapshot was Snapshot three, because it was very exciting talking about my experiences with my first job. I choose to put this snapshot for the blog because it was the only snapshot so far that I was able to express what I was feeling about a certain topic. It was also the first snapshot in the class that I was able to discuss my dislike of a certain topic. I was very happy when we were given this assignment.

Snapshot Three: My First Job

Throughout my whole life, my chores were the only tasks that I would do to keep myself occupied with working instead of not doing anything at all. But that all changed during my last year in high school. It was then that I got a job at Kroger. When I first went to my Orientation, I was very nervous. It was like being pinned against a wall. It was only after my job training that the feeling went away and it was the beginning of my first job. My first and only job was as a courtesy clerk at Kroger.

The tasks for a Courtesy Clerk at Kroger is to bag the customers groceries, clear the parking lot of shopping carts, to check and sometimes clean the restrooms, and clean around the store in the early hours of the morning. Every time that I would clean the restrooms, it smelled like a petting zoo. For most of the time of the shifts, I would usually bag the customer’s groceries every time they came to check out. Sometimes during the day, I was often sent out to the parking lot to collect the shopping carts. There is a fire station just a few blocks from the store. Sometimes when I am collecting the carts, I could hear their vehicles passing by with their sirens on; they would sound like, “wooo, wooo”, as they passed by the store. Collecting the carts is not the favorite task to do at Kroger, especially if it is winter. It would be as cold and freezing as the Arctic Circle. The only task that was good if it was not really busy was bagging groceries. The only time that I would dread working at Kroger was during the weekend because it is the only busy part of the week.

My first job experience is composed of many pros and cons of working at Kroger. In recent months, I began to look for other jobs to replace that one I have at Kroger because I hope to have much less stress than that I used to have while working at Kroger. It is very stressful sometimes when I am working at Kroger, especially if I am working on the weekends. Fortunately when it comes to applying for another job, I hope it would be less stressful and have fewer tasks to do than what Kroger had expected me to do.


  1. I never wanted to work at kroger because i didn't want to push the carts around, especially in the winter.

  2. I've sent out an application to Kroger but I never got any email or call back. I guess I'm not good enough to work there :(

  3. i applied to kroger and they never called me back lol so youre lucky you got the job! good job with your writing.

  4. Any job that you have will included tasks! The key is to find a job that you love! Like for me i have had 3 jobs thus far in my life, the current job i have ask me to do the most tasks, but i love what i do so it doesnt bother me!

  5. As everybody knows it's hard to work in the winter time because in the winter time it is snowing alot of cold and you cant work outside of the building. So working at kroger and collecting the shopping cart out side during the winter time is so hard. However, i guess you have gain an experience from that.