Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Favorite Snapshot

My favorite snapshot is my first job. Because I like my job, and I learned things from my job.
I had the experience of my working, and the skills too. It really mean to me.
My first job

A very important reason that I like America more than China is because the environment in America is much better than China. Everywhere is green. And I am really happy that I have chance to have my own backyard. The Backyard is beautiful, but it also given me lots of trouble, such as the grass cutting. And the first time that I help my parents cutting the grass is also my first job.
Before I was try cutting grass by myself, my father was like a teacher, teach me all of his knowing about grass cutting. He told me, “Knowing how to cut the lawn is just one of the little things, but if you never had a lawn to cut, then you need know the lawn cutting basics. And you will get good results”. Cutting grass can be much tougher than it looks. At the first, I went around the yard, because the navigating rough terrain might break the blade. Then, I cut the grass in rows. It was the safest and easiest way to cut the grass as a rookie, straight lines along one of the sides. When I was cutting the grass, I can smell the grass, it was fresh. Even today, I continued help my parents cutting grass. Although I don’t have any pay back, but I think this is my responsibility and I really enjoy my job.

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  1. I liked your snapshots paragraph structure. I also really like how you described your personally feelings about how you felt about your job.