Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Favorite Snapshot

My favorite snapshot is the one we just wrote about our first job. My first job was at an ice cream store and I had a lot to say about it. Everyday there was interesting, something new always happened. I loved working there so I enjoyed writing about it.

Snapshot Three: My First Job

I got my first job four months after I turned sixteen. It was at Coldstone Creamery, I applied online and didn’t hear back for a while so I didn’t think I was going to get the job. When I got the call for an interview I was so excited! I got dressed nice and headed to Coldstone. They took me to the backroom of the store, asked me the typical interview questions and offered me the job at the end. I accepted happily!

My first day was kind of boring. I was in the back just going over information and taking tests about the company, its policies and procedures on the computer. While I was doing this they were making the waffles cones, so the whole time I was stuck back there I could smell the cinnamon in the batter as it cooked. When my first shift was over I got a free ice cream! We were allowed to have one every time we worked. I got cake batter ice cream with cookie dough mixed in, it was a great end to a boring first shift.

The next time I went to work I got to scoop, mix, and serve ice cream! Before I got to do that though I had to try every single flavor of ice cream we had. Coldstone has some interesting flavors, some I’d never want to try but I had to. The worst flavors were peanut butter and the dark chocolate. I don’t like either of these, and they were very rich and full of flavor so I did not like them.

After trying them all they taught me how to scoop it out of the container. I grabbed two of the scoopers; they felt warm in my hands as I reached in and pulled out ice cream. Then you have to put the ice cream on the slab of marble, create a divot in the ice cream and put a mix in in. So I grabbed some cookie dough to go along with the cake batter, placed it in the divot, smashed it up and mixed it all together. The marble slab you mix the ice cream on it is very cold to the touch, if its left alone long enough it gets snow on it that you have to scrap off before you put the ice cream there.

Next thing was learning all the flavors and where they are at in the freezer so you can serve the customer faster. I also had to learn all the different signatures, which are certain ice cream favors with specific mix-ins. I learned them as customers asked for them so I knew the more popular ones better. Luckily there were cheat sheets but it was still pretty hard to remember all of it. The first day I got to serve the ice cream was the most exciting day!

The worst day at work was when someone tipped us and asked us to sing. Apparently Coldstone is known for singing when tipped, who knew! My supervisor helped; there was a sheet with songs for us to sing, so we all sung together off of this. As we sang I could feel my cheeks turn red and burn from embarrassment, I’m a terrible singer and I hate doing it. That was the only time I ever had to sing, good thing because I may have quit if I had to sing on a daily basis in front of customers.

I worked there for about six months and I loved it! The people I worked with were all really cool, except for a couple. I made some friends and had lots of fun. Sometimes I wish I still worked there, I miss my free ice cream. I’ll never forget my first job.


  1. Hahaha! I never knew you would have to sing if you were tipped. That's very interesting. I love Coldstone. My favorite flavor is probably a combination of cotton candy with strawberry.

  2. I love coldstone and i didn't know about them singing with tips, guess ill have to give that a try. Thats sweet you got free ice cream everytime you worked!

  3. hahaha this sounds like its a lot of fun once you get use to it i think! and yeah the singing never heard of that before