Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My favorite snapshot is my first job because I have got an experience from my first job which really means a lot to me. It was a warehouse that called FedEx Ground and it was about loading and unloading trucks. I choose this snapshot because it is about my first job in America and in my life too and it also was a horrible job that I can never forget. It even made me to hate the other warehouses and not look for a job from any other warehouse because whenever I look for a job and I see a warehouse that is saying Hiring Now I just leave it and go somewhere else that I can get a job.

My first Job
Snapshot Three
            My first job was so horrible and it was in 2010 at FedEx Ground in Erlanger Kentucky. The job was about loading, and unloading trucks which was hard for me to load those trucks. I have never done before any job like that one in Kentucky. I didn’t have any experience about loading a truck or unloading. When I first day start the job, I thought it was going to be easy for me because I was interesting it. The first day, my supervisor told me to unload a truck which was full of big boxes and many tires. I thought the boxes were light and smooth but they weren’t. So I went inside of the truck and grabbed one of the big boxes. Box was too heavy and I couldn’t even lift it up. I thought I was strong enough so I tried to push it to the ladder, but I couldn’t even move it where it was sitting. At that time, my supervisor was not there with me, he went somewhere to grab something. However, later on a guy come to me and help me out with the boxes and we unloaded the truck and finished it. That day I got back pain and couldn’t even walk to the parking a lot. I was so tired and nervous about the hard work that I found.
I came back the next day and they told me to load a truck only by myself. I didn’t know anything about loading trucks because when u loading the truck you have to organize the boxes or whatever you are putting in the truck. I tried to load the lorry, the boxes were too heavy for me to lift them up and put them in the truck. All the boxes were opposite of each other because the biggest ones were very light and the smallest ones were heaviest. At that day I tried my best to load that truck, I didn’t do well and everything was unorganized. By the time I was loading the truck I saw a liquid stuff coming out of a box it was something that they called iced. I also saw hazards in some of the boxes which they were talking about while we were in the orientation, but I didn’t have any idea what those things are.
For the next day I decided to quit the job which I really didn’t want to do so. Because it was a summer time and I needed a job so I could make money. I couldn’t make the decision so quick, I tried my best to think about if I am going to quit or not. Finally I quit the job after three weeks and when they asked me why I quit the job, I told them it’s hard for me to load or unload those trucks and lift up those big heavy boxes. All the people who was working at that company they said they have back pain and even hurted their hands sometimes so I didn’t want to get hurt or have a back pain.



  1. Sade Fedex is a very hard job at the beginning, but once you become good an excel the pay and benefits are not to bad. Don't feel bad about not being able to do the job it's not easy work!

  2. It always hard at the beginning.But don't feel bad because you learned things from your job.

  3. Don't hate it , because it was a experience for you. and for sure FedEx was a hard job!