Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My favorite snapshot 2 i miss my friend abdulle back Somali we have funny we go outside it was sun day my friend abdull ask can we go swimming i side yes than we enjoy swimming

Shafie Mohamed
Mike lohre
English 109.1
Oct, 11.2011

My snapshot 2
Good day

In my life these are many good days. There were many good old days. All good I can remember are one I made with my old good friends .in one particular day my close friend and most immediate one ask me if we can go to Beach Sea and swing. My friend Abdullah: said ‘Hi” Shafie Mohamed its hot afternoon do you wane go for swimming? Nobody will know and we have nothing else to do and everyone is already. In the sea swimming and having a lot of fish “sure but my parent will know or my big bother there will see me while I’m in sea .stop thinking negative – you family will not know the beach it too big we will go one side which your bother will not even think to look or bother to come I stopped. For a while thinking serious about my friend points, he has really good points and it’s true that I really need to go out and best place to go in the afternoon is sea “okay is and loudly and with great eagerness “okay” let’s star running’ my friend propose we both started running we run like thirsty cows who have seen water ahead. I’m tired already and will people will ask question where we are running to or what we are running form so let’s walk slowly “my friend propose and I agreed when reached the beach and it was very beautiful the sun was very hot we were all sweating and quickly or dress and jump into sea. We really had very good time- our parent never found out because we didn’t get into trouble and we came back home before our curfew started I still look back at the day and really get happy Abdullah and I are still friends and sometime talk about that summer hot day in Somali Bach