Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Favorite Sanpshot

I would have to say that my favorite snapshot that I wrote would be the My Name snapshot. I like this one because it was more personal than the other two that we have done. It made me think about when I was younger and how I was given nick names and what not. Also brought back old memories.
My Name

My name is Eric Gregory Keplar. I don’t mind my name because it’s what my parents gave me. It’s more than my name its part of my family. I say that because Keplar is my family’s last name, Gregory is my father’s first name. So no matter what I’ll always have family with me. Ive been told that my name means king but on urban dictionary is says Eric is a retarded cat that uses its tail to fly. I don’t have many nick names its either Eric or just Keplar. I don’t care what one you call me but sometimes I do. Depending on the person and my relationship I have with them depends what I want them to call me. I got the nick name Keplar from sixth grade and it just stuck with me. Being called Keplar by some people that I don’t want to call me that is like nails going across a chalk board. But as for Eric it’s like nothing different. I wouldn’t change my name even if I had the chance. That’s my name and the story I have behind it. Yes something like Eric will do.


  1. I like the urban dictionary sentence, that is hilarious. Also good metaphor with the nails on a chalk board, that is a horrible sound.

  2. I never knew that Eric in the Urban dictionary meant "a retarded cat that uses its tail to fly". But i guess you learn new things everyday.

  3. Yeah when I was a kid I always got lots of nicknames. My name is a family name too its my second great grandmothers name. I thought this snapshot was fun to write about too, because it's very personal.

  4. it's interesting that in the urban dictionary it means "a retarded cat that uses its tail to fly." cool !!! its a nice name anyway !