Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Michael smith

Hello my name is Michael my major is business. I am also considering doing a double major with nutrition but I am not sure yet. I love to exercise and workout , it is what gets me through every week. I also enjoy cars and one day hope to own a collection
My favorite quote in the book is " most of the children here end up at one of the three or four large segregated high schools in the Bronx, the greatest number of them ending up at Morris high school, where 1900 to 2000 children are enrolled but only about 90 make it to 12 grade and only 65 can graduate."
This is my favorite quote because it helps realize how hard this struggle for these kids and it makes you understand that we have it relatively easy compared to them.


  1. Nice car Michael! You also like to eat 16 eggs a day.. don't forget about that.

  2. Sweet ride! it looks like a Transformer! haha