Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Favorite Snapshot

My favorite snapshot that I wrote so far is the one about my good day. I like this one the best because I can vividly remember the day I got my first guinea pig for my birthday. I had a wonderful childhood and I enjoy thinking back on it and I was glad to be able to tell others about it, as well! I'm sure other people can relate to getting their first pet of their own, or having a birthday present they really loved and still remember to this day.

Snapshot Two: Our Good Day

“This is all you got me for my birthday?!,” an ungrateful seven-year-old me asked my mom, as I unwrapped a book about guinea pigs.
“No baby, daddy and I got you that book so that you will know everything you need to know for
when you go pick out your own guinea pig later!”
“I get to pick out my own guniea pig mommy?! And keep it forever and ever?!,” I asked in
“Yes Kels,” she reassured me, “now get in the car please so we can go to Petland.”
After a ten minute drive that seemed like an hour we finally made it to Petland. As I held
my dad’s hand, he led me to the open glass cage that housed all the guinea pigs. Some were
long- haired, others short. There were black ones, white ones, brown ones. Some were sleeping
while a few others fought for the last of the food in the food bowl.
“You have a big decision to make Sweetie,” my dad said.
“I know, I know. Don’t you think I should get them all daddy? They all need homes!”
“Absolutely not,” he said without hesitation.
I could feel the tears form behind my eyes. They were all so cute and I didn’t want to hurt
any of their feelings by not picking them to take home.
“What’s wrong, sis?” my mom asked softly when she saw I was sad.
“I don’t know how to pick just ONE mama.”
“Okay, I have an idea,” she explained, “I’ll lift you up to put your hand in the cage and you can
pet a few. Maybe that will help you decide.”
As I put my hand into the cage, all of the guinea pigs ran for shelter, away from my hand.
I looked up at my mom in disappointment and she told me to try again. This time when I put my hand into the cage, all the little animals ran away from me again, except for one. A long-haired
brown guniea pig with patches of white and black fur came and sniffed my hand. He was a
brave, warrior of a guinea pig. He was as sweet as a cupcake, and he was very friendly. So
friendly, that I named him Friendly! I couldn’t wait to take him home.
“I promise I will take very good care of you,” I told Friendly as he sat on my lap in a cardboard
box the whole way home.


  1. I liked how you used your quotations in your snapshot. It really gave me detail about what happened on your good day.

  2. never got a pet for a gift but i think you did a great job writing this. i think its funny at times too!

  3. After reading this I now really want to go out and get a guinea pig of my own. I bet I would take real good care of it too.

  4. I remember when I got my first pet it was a good day, I was sooooo excited! I got a hamster that i learned later that it was sick and my mom swapped it out for another hamster that looked exactly the same. I never had a guinea pig they were always so adorable.

  5. Awww, Friendly is such a cute name for a guinea pig. They are so cute and you can carry them with you. I bet you miss Friendly a lot.

  6. you would want to get them all! haha what a great birthday present! I always wanted one lol Good writing, very descriptive and well thought out!

  7. i remember when i was 14 yr i use to have pet nice store write i like it