Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Favorite Snapshot, Mandy

My favorite snapshot was snapshot three because of all the language I used to describe my first job; when i worked with the kids at the Wexner Center. It was fun for me to write and I liked using all the descriptive language to describe the events. On that particular snapshot it was just really easy to keep writing. The ideas just kept coming to me on this snapshot and it was fun to write which makes it easy to write a good paper.

Snapshot Three

My first job was as an intern for the Wexner Center for the Arts at OSU. It was during the summer so most of what I did was baby-sitting little kids who took the summer program, and the first week we did paper mache. Imagine 20 kids in a small room with wet past and they are all only six or seven years old, not a good idea. We had all kinds of glitter, tissue paper, and when you mix tissue paper with “goo” the colors run together and stick to your hands and clothes, like permanent ink.
Squesh and glop and blerp where sounds that the paste made as the kids played with the clear semi-liquid in their hands just mushing it around in their hands. It was like you could smell the sticky fingers and gross oozing mess from miles away, and the gloopy liquid had like a specific smell that was hard to describe, other than gross. The class room was like a gooey zoo or an untamed beast.
“Can I eat it? Will I die?” asks one of the trouble makers.
“No, u probably shouldn’t eat that, it won’t taste very good,” I tell the little girl who is a trouble maker.
The girl takes a like anyway, to defy my power, the classroom was so hectic, I didn’t even care that she had eaten it any more. Ever two seconds a kid would get an upset face like they were going to cry and tell me “it’s not looking right” or “I can’t do this” or “I need more tape” or the classic “I just wanna go home,” I was vary irritated with the kids at the end of the day. On the very first day this little girl was so frustrated and was just up set, she told me she didn’t wanna do this anymore and wanted to just go home, and she burst out crying. The little girl pressed her wet face into my apron that left a wet spot on it and my hands were sticky so I couldn’t hug her properly. I ended up just taking the girl outside to draw on the side walk to draw pictures and wait for her parents to come, because class was almost over there was no point in calling her parent they were probably on their way.
I realized these break downs were a daily occurrence, and every day it was a different kid, and it was over silly things like glitter and “that’s my chair, I want that one!” Kids were fragile creatures, but they were also full of energy, and they wore me out I went home and took a nap every day when I got home.


  1. It is too hard to a babysitting when you don't have an experience about been babysitting. When the children are young they are very annoying and they are going to bother you all day long. you cannot beat them up because it is not good to that so.However, I think you have gotten an experience about been babysitting with pay, even though you didn't like to be babysitting as I see from your story.

  2. "an intern for the Wexner Center for the Arts at OSU". Sounds very nice and professional. Your first job makes my first job sound very dull. I was a paper boy for awhile. I know it sucked.

  3. That's awesome you actually were employed for something you could major in, in college. Little kids are very stressful though. I'm surprised they didn't make a huge mess at the Wexner Center!

  4. This sounds like a difficult, but fun job! I am a nanny so I can relate to you on how many messes can be made from just a simple craft! I thought it was cute how the little girl got frustrated, sometimes all a child needs is a little encouragment or hug. Also, how typical of a little boy to ask if he could eat the "goo," ha!

  5. I love kids and i been babysitting since i was 10 years old. I have a lot siblings , and they are younger than me. When my mother cooking or doing laundry i used to be the look out for them.boys are more terrible makers than girls. Am glad you experience that.