Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Favorite Snapshot

My favorite snapshot that I wrote is probably snapshot Two :Our Good Day. I liked this one the most because I had the most fun time typing it. The day I talked about was about a fishing trip I went to with a couple friends. It was only the second time I have ever gone fishing and it was the funnest time and I won't ever forget that day. I also choose this one because I think it's fun to read about because of all the crazy things that went on during that day.

Snap Shot Two : Our Good Day

A great time I had with my friend was when I went on a fishing trip during the summer. I went with a friend I knew for all of high school. His name is Luke Stewart and we both have so many things in common its creepy. Well anyways it was the second time I’ve ever been fishing, the first time being on a 6th grade field trip. The place where we went fishing was Alum Creek and it’s about a half hour or so away from where we live. The ride to the creek was fun because we would blast the stereo super loud listening to some great rap and some rock music as if we were at a crazy concert. We felt like a couple bad asses on the road and it felt awesome there was a cop outside his car. We had to wait for the cop to leave so that we can fish because we are too cheap to buy a fishing license.

Another friend, Trevor McCue finally arrived to the creek. So as we were putting all the poles and setting the chair at the right spot we were ready to fish. All we had to do was put the bait on the hook. We all looked at each other think “Ok so who has the bait”. We realized we forgot the bait. So after about 5 minutes of arguing with who was supposed to get the bait we drove to a mini store to buy bait. We also bought some Slim Jims and hot dogs to eat because those are the two best things to eat.

When we got back to our spot we got the bait on the hooks and started fishing. It was very nice and relaxing fishing with a couple of your best buds. And to make things better Luke brought some amazing cigars with him that we got to smoke while fishing. They were probably the cheapest kind of cigars ever but I wasn’t going to say anything to Luke mainly because he gave them to us for free. After about an hour passed of not getting any bites we decided to get into the water so that we can get closer to the middle of the creek, where most the fish are. We got in the water about waist deep and then started fishing again. Trevor, who’s supposed to be the smartest of us all of us thought maybe we should go further in the water. The water was coming at us fast so Luke and I stayed where we were. Trevor walked a little further then slipped and fell face first in the water. It was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. It was exactly like something you would see on the Americas Funniest Videos show.


  1. Your snapshot was really good to read. It had some very humorous themes to it. I think that your writing is good in all of your paragraphs.

  2. I LOLed when reading this. haha! that's funny how you admit you guys were too cheap to actually get a fishing license. I wonder if Trevor got bitten by a fish or something. That would suck.

  3. you haven't been fishing more than twice!!! your missing out on tons of fun

  4. I love fishing! I enjoyed reading your story. Next time you should record your fishing trip and send it to America's Funniest Videos.