Thursday, November 10, 2011

Challenges in schooling

"Some of the parents come here, as they also come into St. Ann's, at times of crisis in their lives. Some are having bad financial problems and will tell Miss Rosa frankly that they have no food." (Kozol, 233)
I think this quote is important because its shows some of the problems that families in the neighborhood are having. It also shows how the church for many families, is a place of safety and help and a place for them to come gather.

I think the biggest problem facing education in America is money especially now a days since the economy isn't very good. With the lack of money some schools cannot afford the right supplies or to fix things in the school building, which makes it very hard for some kids to learn. I think the biggest issue with preventing children from getting a good education is the environment that the kids are living in. Sadly, a kid who is raised in a poor city where drugs are on every corner and it is a poor city are not going to have nearly as many opportunities as a kid raised in a wealthy area and good schooling.


  1. I think that both money and drug usage are a big problem for high school students.

  2. I said the same thing I think schools are having lots of trouble with funding. Even schools that are not as bad as Mott Haven are having trouble. It is very sad to me that kids will have to do with out the arts and other beneficial programs.