Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Fav Quote

"Some children who have troubles in their heart don't talk a lot st first but, when they do the things they say can be so beautiful"(Pg 227).

I really like this quote and its also very important to understand. The quote means that we should really listen to what these children say so that we can help them also we can learn from what the children say. If we don't listen to when a child talks we can never find out if he/she is in trouble or needs help. Sometimes kids don't like to talk about what is happening to them so we have to talk to them and ask so that they can open up.

The biggest challenge I think schools face is the school funding. Many schools in the U.S don't have much money to work with. This doesn't to allow the student to learn what they need to know. Some schools may not have the school supplies and technologies like computers to work with. A big thing they don't have much of are the school books. How can student learn if they don't have school books? Without all that student become less interested in school that they decide to drop out because of how unsuccessful they are in school.


  1. I totally agree with you, funding has become an issue in recent years especially due to the economy. Schools in middle class neighborhoods are having troubles as well as poor areas. I think every kid should have access to good teachers and class sizes. It is very sad that some kids will have to do with out the arts.

  2. I love this quote, I think it is very true. I am a nanny and some of the things the kids say amaze me.