Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Vid Response

Poems seem to mean a lot to Mr. LeVine. He seems to have a huge passion for writing poems and does it on his free time. I'm a little different because I have to be forced to write a poem in school and this guy does it willingly. A quote that stood out to me that Mr. LeVine said wasn't when he was reading one of his poems. It was when a truck backed up behind him randomly when he was being interviewed. He looks at the camera and says "And that is why you don't do interviews outside". I thought it was funny because the van just came out of nowhere and because of that quote I know now that if I'm ever being interviewed it shouldn't be outside. The poems that Mr. LeVine said where very strong and seemed powerful. They had meaning to it and you could learn a lot from that.


  1. I agree with you completely. He does seem to have a huge compassion for writing poems.

  2. ha yes i hate having to write but this guy loves it i only do it for school. if only we all had that kind of passion for writing