Thursday, November 17, 2011

CO2, Green House Gas, whats going to happen?

I think that this was a great video. I like the way how it started out with the flower. Because no one can sit there and watch something like this happen. Unless you take a video camera or just take still pictures of it every so often and put them together. All together the way this video was put together was really. Watching the plan fly as the jet stream trailed behind it or as the huge construction vehicles drove at a faster pace. Lucas shows a different perspective of many different things. Showing how some stuff for example the flower and how it changes really slowly transformed it into a faster more interesting site. Also he took things that move relatively fast and slowed it down and had short clips telling us about the harmful gasses that they release into the world.
When Lucas had showed the construction vehicles he had a short piece of information saying . The greatest thing to life and civilization was coal. This is because it can be used for many different things although in the long run it may cause damage. Even with plans and aviation he went on and said that it’s the fastest growing thing to release greenhouse gasses into the ozone. The energy demand is so high that by 2030 it will be over 40% which is crazy to think about. And how many people there will in this world all want to flip a switch just to turn on a light not knowing that it will somehow affect you later in life. At the end Lucas talks for a few minutes explaining why he made this video and that he wants someone just one person to watch this video. And to be able to change the world. I think that this is a great thing to do if you are able to do so. I hope the best because it may not affect us right now but later in life it will effect out children and there. Soon enough there won’t be much left on this planet because everyone is over consuming.

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