Thursday, November 17, 2011

Response to Environmental Film

The style of the film was pretty interesting to see and the music was perfectly set for that particular video. It really stood out to me by showing how the fossil fuels that we use is being released into the atmosphere. I have a little concern about how the environment is responding to the use of fossil fuels because there is so much pollution from smoke and smog in the atmosphere. The main idea of the film is to show why using fossil fuels is hurting the environment. It is also trying to make people change the way we look at the use of fossil fuels and to look at alternative use of energy such as wind and solar energy.


  1. Good response Taylor and I agree with you that the smoke pollute the air so bad.

  2. We have tried alternative sources of energy like wind, solar or water power but the problem with that is that since wind cannot be kept constant with large amounts it can't supply enough power as fossil fuels can.