Thursday, November 10, 2011

Education, Mandy

"I am very much aware, uncomfortably so, that I fell into this peculiar habit too, because good friends in Roxbury at last gave me a talking-to. "we don't want you with arms tied behind your back,"a very kind and candid local leader named Paul Parks told me one day when we were coming from a meeting. "That doesn't equalize the game. We know your education. Use it for our children!"' This quote stands out to me in particular, because it is something I feel we all do. We hide our education to those less educated, because we feel guilty for being privileged. We are only hurting these people by doing this, however, we can use our education to speak for them.
I think one of the biggest challenges in high schools is the funding. This year for example the Hilliard city school district levy didn't pass and that was where I went to school, to Hilliard Davidson High School. Since the levy didn't pass they are thinking of cutting the arts programs, which were very important to me in school. I think it's sad that some kids will have to do without these programs. Hilliard Davidson is a middle class school which is much better off than Mott Haven.


  1. I agree funding is a big issue for many schools. With a lack of funds they cut things out that some kids go to school for, like you said art, and the learning enviroment becomes a lot less interesting.

  2. That is a great quote Mandy L.It is always good to have a good friend who can chat with you and have a fun with him. It's not good to be alone or feel lonely

  3. I LOVED this quote too becuase I feel like a lot of us, as human beings fall into this habit of inadvertedly acting like someone else either to fit in or to make them feel comfortable. I like that Kozol openly admitted that he too fell into this category.