Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Phillip Levine

Poems mean a lot to Levine. He mentioned at the beginning that they're like his source into his memories. He writes about the people from his past and his past. One thing he said was, "I'm bored with the people in my life now so I write about the people I use to know." I thought that was cool that he has a background he can refer to for inspiration when he wants to write.

At the end he talked about how his writing has changed over the years, when he started writing his work was more angry, he was pissed off, and as time went by that changed he became happier. When asked about how he takes care of himself I thought the most interesting thing he said was about how he tries not to lie he just bullshits. When he lies he doesnt like the things that come out of his mouth, he has to like himself to be with himself. I think this is very true for everyone, it's hard to like anyone else and live a good life if you don't like youself.


  1. When he started talking about being angry and pissed off I was a little freaked out by the guy. He seemed like he wanted to hurt someone. That's not a good thing.

  2. I totally agree with you that because if you don't like yourself first you can never like somebody else.