Thursday, November 10, 2011


"The office at P.S. 30 is a friendly and inviting place for the children and, no less important, for the parents of the neighborhood, who often feel an understandable anxiety in visiting a public school. Some of them went to the schools and did not have good memories. Many never finished high school and don't think of schools as places of remembered victories. Miss Rosa tries to make each contact with a child's parents welcoming enough so they'll be eager to return."

I think this quote was important because it shows P.S. 30 really cares about the children and their family/parents. It's important for the parents to get involved in their child's education in order to improve the child's learning. With parents involved it helps the children become more involved in really learning and getting a good education.

I think the biggest challenge facing high school education in America is the attitudes of the students and the enviroment. Someone coming from a good background will most likely get a better education than one coming from a challenged background. Drugs, violence, peer pressure, drinking, etc. all affect students. Their involvement or lack of involvement in these activities affects their overall attitude. If they're involved they will more than likely be much less interested in school and learning. Those who aren't involved focus more time and effort on school in order to stay out of these activities.


  1. I agree with your statement about P.S. 30.

  2. I like your favorite quote. I agree with you that it is important for parents to be involved with their childrens education. I think parents should be involved in every aspect of their childrens lives!

  3. I agree with the student having attitudes and not wanting to learn. That is probably because of where they live they feel they don't have much to look forward to in life.