Thursday, November 10, 2011

MY favorite Quote from The book

"Well," she said, "first you take a cup of flour. Then you mix the eggs and then you pour some milk into the bowl, but not too much. And then you stir it all around and then you pour it on the pan and then it's cooking on the pan and then you look at it until it gets a little brown and then you start to see the little bubbles"-she  looked up and smiled when she said " the little bubbles" __"so you turn it over and you wait and then you go and turn it off, and then you put it on the late."

      I think this quote is important because this young girl knows how make a pancake and how mix everything together in order to make the pancake. The girls that like her age may not know how make pancakes and they may not even try to make, but her she can cook for herself and for her family too and at the same time she is too young.

       In my opinion, the biggest challenge facing high school education  in America is learning the English for the foreign students, because when you don't speak the language you cannot communicate with anybody and don't even know what is going on your school. It's even hard to comet the classes because you can"t read the signs or the name of the classes.Another one is get to fight with other students and I even get expelled from my school for ten days and that was not good for me or even for any other students who want to to get an education.

      The worst thing that can prevent children to get a good education can be their neighborhood or even their family or parents. And the reason is that if the children lives at a very bad neighborhood or violence than can focus on their education. They are going get into fight and trouble everyday and that is not good for them. Also if your parents don't know anything about your education, your grades, how you treat with the teachers and how you are doing in the school, that won't good for such child that goes to school.

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