Thursday, November 10, 2011


My favorite quote from the chapters that we read for today was on page 241.

"And I beg you, children, each and every one of you, to come to me and tell me when you're feeling sad and never think you need to be alone with your own thoughts. I'm always here for you. That's what our church is for, that's why we're here, because we love you and we want you to be happy and we always have you in our hearts."

I picked this quote because I thought it was very nice for the children to be able to hear that someone loves them and is there for them and cares about their well-being. That is very important for children to have, and most of these children don't have this outside of the church.

I think that the biggest challenge facing high school education in America is the students themselves and the atmosphere of the school. I think thata lot of students these days don't have as much motivation to work hard and are much more focused on other things in their life above school. Also, teachers are becoming more and more like their students friends rather than being an authority and that causes students to not take school as seriously. I think that negative influences (classmates, parents, siblings...) are the biggest problem that prevent children from getting a good education. If they do not have motivated encouraging parents, they will become discouraged. Also, if their older siblings have negative attitudes about school, they will most likely develop one too.


  1. i didn't even think about the atmosphere like you did so good ideal

  2. I liked that quote as well because it showed how close the staff members are with their students. Also, family like and peers are an important factor that impacts the kids. I didn't even think about it!