Thursday, November 10, 2011

education in america

My favorite quote is “to get the children interested in the subject of their essays, she began a brief discussion about drugs and various choices that young people might be forced to make.” I say that it’s my favorite because it’s really true. People may not think that drugs are an issue at such a young age but it really is. Young kids look up to the older kids and basically so what they do because they want to be just like them. So if one of the older kids offers a younger kid drugs most likely he or she will take it. Once they start young they will do it throughout high school because all the “cool” kids will be doing it so there is really no escaping from the problem.
One of the biggest thing that I think are preventing children from getting a good education. Would be their home lives. I say that because everyone is different at home. Also every home has their problems it’s just that people don’t show it they all hide their issues. I feel that if other people feel that they will be judge for what happens at their home. Also another reason could have to deal with money. If the family is really short on money they might not be able to offered school. Yet some school is free they don’t want to be embarrassed by what they have to wear of where they come from.

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  1. I agree with you on why kids may not be doing so well in school. When living in a bad home and not having much money can cause someone to lose faith and not want to try hard in school and not become a hard worker.