Thursday, November 17, 2011

Green is the New Black

There were no particular images alone in the movie that stood out to me. All of it was equally important and sent a message to viewers. If I had to pick one I'd say the images with the plane flying and the caption about aviation being one of the biggest sources for greenhouse gas emission. I never really thought about planes being a contributor to that, but they definitely are. People fly all over the world and use lots of energy with that.

The style of the video was very cool. It kept your attention, it wasn't like some where you have to listen and pay attention some boring guy talk about the point he wanted to get acress. The images, the music, and the quotes were easily absorbed, not hard to follow or understand. I also thought it was sweet how he gave his thoughts and spoke at the end, even when he was talking though there continued to be images and things along with the image of him and his voice. It was very attention-grabbing.

Our environment is something that concerns me, but it's not something that I think about a lot or affects my daily life. I probably leave the light on in my room half the time I leave it, leave things plugged in that I'm not using, or drive places I could walk, so I'm not exactly and environmentalist. I think everyone should be more "green" with their lifestyles, if we could all work together and do this it could make a difference. It's just a matter of changing our ways, which for some, I know it is for me, can be very hard.


  1. I liked how you wrote about your concern about the environment. I also worry about the environment sometimes.

  2. I agree with the style of the video looking very cool. It really gets the attention of the viewer because it caught mines.

  3. Love the title, very creative! I never really though of how much of an impact the airplanes have on the CO2 emmisions, but it definatly makes since. The scene with the airplane was effective.