Thursday, November 10, 2011


On Chapter 18 of Ordinary Resurrections, my favorite quote would be the one on page 233, which describes the relationship between the parents and teachers and admistrators at PS-30. "Teachers and parents stick their heads into the office now and then to say hello or ask ask a questions. '"Not now, Papi,"' she'll say quickly to a teacher - Mr. Bedrock, for example, who is often stopping by to query her about some regulations he dislikes - '"call me tonight."' She stays here almost every night until well after eight o'clock, sometimes as late as nine." This shows the harmony between the student's parents and educators. The biggest challenge facing high schools in America is the lack of funding for those who really need it. They continue funding wealthy schools and don't seem to care about poor schools and this is a discouraging situation. This a huge problem. Kids in poor schools look at this lack of funding and lack of activities, and they lose interest in school, in turn, turning towards gang activity and drug abuse.

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