Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Phillip LeVine Video Response

Phillip LeVine started off in the upper middle class and moved down in class after his father's death and the depression. He says he most often writes poems that are about memories of his past. the poem he reads out loud first to me is about what a better life would be like just beyond their city Detroit. one live"last night i saw a man break down and cry" this is part of the great depression and the fact that it is a man that is crying is powerful because men aren't suppose to cry. Right? I agree with him that a lot of the things you like when you are young change. For example, I use to be a really big fan of Camille Rose Garcia, but no i don't really like her work as much. I have recently looked back to some of the master painters like Caravaggio, because they mastered real technique, not the new modernism where creativity trumps technique.


  1. I thought that part of the viedo was inspiring too. Things definetly change as time goes by.

  2. i agree many things change as you grow older things you liked then are not some thing you would want to do today.