Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Hey guys! I just wanted to say hi to all of you. It's been a while since I've seen most of you. I tried uploading a video but that didn't really work out. I've been feeling just fine and am recovering well. Granted, the painkillers make me a little more jolly than I probably really am. I did go to class today, although I felt like a 90 year old grandma in my walker, and had to use the elevator! I won't be coming to class tomorrow though, so I just wanted to shout out and say I hope I see you all next quarter!


  1. heeey Chaitanya its great to hear this from you. we are all doing great and we all wishing you get better and to see you soon. plus we missed you much.

  2. i hop u got better may ALLAH GIVE U HEALTHY

  3. Chaitanya, I forgot to tell all the students to write you but I think they will when they see you here later, as we read some poems in class today and it was fun. We missed you!

    Good luck on your recovery and don't get hooked on painkillers, ha ha. You have to be tough and we know you are!

    I will post a make-up assignment for the poems, okay, and Fadumo (Faye Hollywood) and Mr. Sade will also be doing this one with you as they missed class.

    All best,


  4. Hi Chaitanya, hope you doing well... i Ask God for to be on your feet again healthy and blessed. We missed you in class and i feel bad that the class end without you but we will see in School next quarter i hope so. Stay warm as winter starts. And yeah can't wait to see your poem :)